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 Post subject: 3000 pt Orcs Vs Dwarves
PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:43 pm 

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My list posted in orc and gobbo forum under “8th Musings”

Dwarf list
RuneLord on anvil with rune of furnace, dispel and 5+ward, stone and shield
Lord on shieldbearers, rune of fury, spite, cleaving, might and shield
Thane BSB with grungi, 5+ws and Valaya (might be illegal due to 2 master runes, cant remember and didn’t really care since it was a relatively newer player)

25 warriors with shds and mus and stnd
25 warriors with gw’s and mus and stnd
2x10 thunderers
10 quarls
Stone Thrower with accuracy and +1 str
2 cannons with accuracy rune and one with fire (yes both are listed as accuracy but one is for cannons and other for stone throwers, either way both runes made WM deadlier)


43 hammerers in a horde with full command and MG(3) in banner

lol wow. Good unit and pts denial and with anvil will see some combats.

Rolled for terrain and had a river on one half of board (never came into play since I place my artillery behind it and used wolf riders and chariot to hold flank with WM’s.
Several woods and hills, none really came into play art all. 2 stone fences which I placed my artillery behind. And he placed his organ gun and two shooty units.
Set up like this. Terrain really didn’t play a large part in this game, so I will not mention it.

Spiders_Char_Gobbos_Orcs with Lord_orcs with BSB__trolls__WM’s_BlKorcs_char_wolves

Stone_Cannon_hammers_Thund_organ_quarls_sd war_thund_gw wars

I roll spells 3,4,5,6 with shaman lord and 2,5 with night gobbo
Turn 1
Well move everything forward, spider riders suffer animosity. One DD blows up, other plus bolts kill 8 of the hw+sd warriors. Magic, well gobbo miscasts and blows himself up and I find out about MG(3) on his hammerers when I cast the magic missile. Kill 1 woot . Everything else dispelled due to his +3 dispel dice and he used dispel rune on Waagh spell. Well he really doesn’t move much, just shoots a lot. Fire cannon hits trolls and rolls 1 to wound, dodged one there. Shoots mainly at trolls and kills one. Stone thrower kills 13 gobbos and other cannon kills chariot next to gobbos.

Turn 2
Well I waagh and spider riders destroy themselves lol. I hit both my big blocks of orcs into his hammerers. Magic only spell that got through was foot of gork with irresistible force, with O&G miscast table, not too bad, I suffer no wounds. I stomp on GW hammerers and then thunderers and then HW+sd warriors and kill about 3-4 each stomp. Good rolling. Shooting kills about 6 of his great weapons. In big combat, I kill a lot, my vet kills his in challenge and he kills a lot too. I win by 1 and he passes break test.

He shuffles his troops around to use anvil to charge GW;s into my wolf riders. He rolls a 3 for distance and needed a 5, Good for me. Shooting sees 4 of my trolls fall. Ouch. He posistion hw+sd warriors to use an anvil charge but didn’t get ancient power so they had their flank open to trolls who were out of gen and bsb range.

In combat he wins and breaks my gen due to his unit not having steadfast, bsb holds.

Turn 3. Well I charge wolves into gw’s, chariot fails flank, gen rallies and night gobbos release fanatics into hammerers. Two hit home and run into each other dieing, but taking 7 hammerers with them. 3rd falls miserably short. Trolls fail stupidity but move 5” forward. Magic get off waagh spell on a 26 and he rolls 23. Fanatic runs through hammerers killing 2 and gen hits hammerers as well. Trolls hit flank of sd warriors and chariot hits GW wars. Couldn’t have asked for better timing. Shaman with black orcs just moves up some more into river gets within 18” of BSB’s unit.

No shooting due to WM moving due to waagh.

Combat, I challenge his lord with mine, he was killing too many orcs. Each put a wound on the other. I win combat and he passes test. Getting low, only 17 hammerers left. I have 27 orcs with BSB and 12 with general. Kill his gw’s down to 12 and he puts 3 wounds on chariot and kills 3 wolves, I win by 4, he holds. Trolls kill a few warriors and win by 2. They hold. Stupid good dwarf leadership. He fails both reform rolls.

He shoots mainly at my big block of gobbos and black orcs, kills about 10 gobbos and 7 black orcs, no panic. He charges quarls into trolls with anvil. Cannon destroys DD, 2 of 4 bolts pass panic, so only 2 can shoot next turn (like this rule, means crappy ldershp gobbos wont run). He puts another wound on my general, but loses combat by 1 and rolls 10,11 and runs, wow. I catch him. He defeats trolls and runs them down and gws destroy chariot. Kill all wolves as well. My boss blows up and leaves 2 gw warriors.

Turn 4. I move units to charge warmachines and try to mop up game. Bolts since are on flank of gw’s kill the last 2. No magic.

His cannons and organ gun all fire at general and kill him and unit. [email protected] Stone thrower blows up. No combat

Turn 5
Gobbos hit one cannon, black orcs charge thunderers in front of cannon and they flee and I redirect into cannon. BSB unit moves to hit runelord.
Magic sees foot go off and stomp on one unit of thunderers killing the remaining 4. Black orcs reform to face organ gun.

He really doesn’t do much, tries to make sure I cant wipe everything off table. Leaves 4 black orcs after anvil and organ and quarls shoot them. Oh yeah thunderers fail rally test and flee off board.

Turn 6
Black orcs hit and destroy organ gun. Tie up runelord. Bolts do nothing. Gobbos just sit there since they fight amongst themselves for the turn. roll 3 for magic so no magic poo.

Shoots quarls at black orcs and kills 2. Unbreakable runelord means I kill guards and that’s it.

Game over
I have BSB and large block or orcs, black orcs with shaman lord, gobbo horde unit, and 3 bolts.
He has runelord, sd warriors and one unit of quarls.

I win by 700ish pts. Fun bloody game.

 Post subject: Re: 3000 pt Orcs Vs Dwarves
PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:36 am 
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nice one sever. i love the suicide gobbo on wolf build. always a fun one. cheers for the report.

Sir Waldo

 Post subject: Re: 3000 pt Orcs Vs Dwarves
PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:54 pm 
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Suicide Gobbon on wolf....?




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